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WW1 in Rang Maher

5th class have spent the last number of weeks learning about the conditions for soldiers during the First World War. We looked at the experiences of the soldiers through multiple subjects to get a better understanding of what life was like for Irish men and women in the trenches. 

In History, we examined the major causes of the First World War through simulation games and drama pieces. We then learned about the experience of the trenches through a sensory journey, experiencing the smells, sounds and noises of the trenches. Afterwards, we researched a W.W.1 soldier from the ANZAC online archives and followed their journey in the trenches through a simulation game. Afterwards, we wrote a letter from the Trenches as this person from history.


In Visual Art, we worked in groups to create a World War 1 trench diorama. We had to be sure to include realistic textures and tones when we were decorating the trenches. We used mixed media to create historically accurate features, like rats in the trenches. These trenches were a lot of work but by using everyone’s unique artistic talents they came out great!

We also had a visit from Dave Swift and his incredible collection of W.W.1 artefacts. We spent the day learning more about the tools and equipment used in the trenches. We even got to hold some authentic World War 1 items. 

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