The Safety Statement approved by the Board of Management of Scoil Chaitríona Baggot Street under the ‘Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005’ sets out the policy and organisation of safety, health and welfare in the school. The school seeks to make every effort to preserve and promote the safety, health and welfare of our school community.

The Board of Management of Scoil Chaitríona Baggot Street is committed to securing high standards of health and safety in and around the school. It strives at all times to create a working and learning environment that is safe and healthy for all that use it, namely staff, pupils, parents/guardians and relevant members of the public.

The school will apply the provisions of all applicable health, safety and welfare legislation and codes of practice to ensure that places and systems of work are safe and without risk to health. Continuous improvements in health and safety performance will be sought, but interventions will reflect the reality of identified risks.


The aim of the policy is to:




Board of Management


Principal and Deputy Principal


Other Employees


Staff Safety Representative

This Health and Safety Policy names Clare Cunningham as the Staff Safety Representative and the duties associated with this position this include but are not limited to:


Parents and Guardians



Members of the Public


Access to School


Please note that reception times are as currently as follows:

Monday – Thursday

Open: 9am -10.30am                        Closed: 10.30am -11am

Open: 11am -12:30pm          Closed: 12:30-1pm

Open: 1pm to 3pm               Office Closed: 3pm


Collecting Children from School


Traffic Management

The Board of Management recognises that large numbers of staff, pupils, parents/guardians and visitors travel within the direct vicinity of the school. They ordinarily arrive and leave at concentrated times of the day using different modes of transport, which poses safety concerns. The Board wants traffic in and around the school grounds to be managed as safely as possible, but this requires the full cooperation of all parties concerned.


Safe Access and Leaving Routes


Health and Wellbeing

General Health and Hygiene


Hygiene and Tidiness at School

The Board of Management makes every effort to ensure that the school is hygienically clean and tidy. Children have their part to play too!


Personal Hygiene


Long-term Health Conditions


Infectious Illness

The Board of Management encourage5 full attendance where possible but must be mindful of the health of other members of the school community, staff members and other parents included.

Head Lice

To prevent the possibility and spread of head lice, parents/guardians are reminded to tie back their child’s hair every school day.



Medical Information




Parents should ensure that these procedures are clearly understood before submitting any request to the Board of Management.


School Medical Inspections


Food Allergies


Identification of Children with Diagnosed and Specific On-Going Medical Conditions, Food Allergies and/or Board-approved Administration of Medication




First Aid

Investigation, Recording and Reporting



Emergency Routes and Exits


Fire Protection


Emergency contact details


Emergency closures



The Board will endeavour to ensure that the school is kept comfortably warm for all members of the school community. This is particularly important during winter.

Similarly, especially during warmer weather, all classrooms must be kept properly ventilated to ensure an appropriate level of comfort for everyone. The below procedure is taken from the Department of Education’s Circular 21/79 which deals with school heating.


Supervision of children during the school day

General Supervision


Yard Supervision


School Excursions


Swimming Lessons






This policy will be monitored on an ongoing basis. Health and Safety risk assessments will take place at least annually, and sooner if circumstances require this.


This policy was reviewed in consultation with the children, parents and staff and it was ratified by the Board of Management on February 22nd 2016.