The purpose of the policy is to identify the records required to be retained by our school and to ensure confidentiality and manageable procedures in relation to access to such records by parents . Please note that throughout this policy, the term ‘parent’ or ‘parents’ also includes legal guardians.


Relationship to School Ethos:

Our school promotes respect and inclusiveness between all members of the school community.




The data, which are under the control of the Principal, comes under the following headings.

  1. Personal Data:

This data relates to personal details of the students such as name, address, date of birth, gender, ethnic origin, nationality, religious belief, medical details, dietary information, PPSN, contact details and parents names.


  1. Pupil Records:


  1. Staff Data

This data relates to personal and professional details of the Staff and it may include, but is not limited to, name, address, date of birth, contact details, payroll number, attendance records, qualifications, school records, sick leave, CPD, curriculum vitae, school returns, classes taught, seniority and supervision payments (if applicable).


  1. Administrative Data:


Access to Records:

The following will have access where relevant and appropriate to the data listed above;



Retention of Data



Success Criteria:


Roles and Responsibilities:


Implementation Data:

This new policy is effective from June 2016

All records held from before that date will continue to be maintained in the school in accordance with the above retention period.



This policy was ratified on May 18th 2016