Respect and inclusion lie at the heart of our school ethos. Therefore, all members of our school community – our children, parents, staff and visitors – are encouraged to act towards each other in a way that makes everyone feel welcome and safe in our school. Please note that throughout this policy, the term ‘parent’ or ‘parents’ also includes legal guardians.

We obviously hope that any and all complaints or grievances, should any occur, are be addressed and resolved as quickly as possible to everyone’s satisfaction. However, to further underpin our school’s atmosphere of respect, this policy has been drafted to ensure that all members of our school community know and understand the procedures regarding how any complaints or grievances that may occur will be dealt with.

This policy seeks to outline our approach to dealing with the following:


 Telephone complaints


Complaints about the Principal – Made by parents or pupils


Complaints about teachers – Made by parents
The Complaints Procedure outlined in the ‘Management Board Members’ Handbook’ which has been agreed between the INTO and the CPSMA will be followed in relation to complaints about teachers made by parents. This five-step procedure is detailed in full in Appendix 1 of this policy. It is important to note the following:

Complaints about teachers from pupils

Complaints about Special Needs Assistants (SNAs):


Complaints about Pupils


Complaints about Parents


Complaints about Ancillary Staff


Complaints about substitute teachers and visiting teachers


Complaints about visitors to the school


Internal Conflict issues
In keeping with the mission and ethos of the school, staff members will seek to resolve internal conflict issues amicably between those concerned. However, if this process fails:


Complaints about a Department of Education and Skills Inspector:
In the case of complaints against a school inspector, the guidelines established by the INTO in the publication: ‘Procedures for Review of Inspections’ and the Department of Education and Science ‘Comments and Complaints’ guidelines will be followed.

As stated in the guidelines, any complaint will be issued and conveyed to the Inspectorate on the day in question or by the end of the following day.


The Policy will be evaluated on an ongoing basis by representatives from the whole school community and will be reviewed every three years.

This policy was ratified by the Board of Management on May 18th 2016.