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Human Body Science in 5th Class

5th Class have been getting their hands dirty as part of our ‘About Us’ unit of study. First we learned about the different major organs in the body and what each of them do. We had to create a play-doh model of each of the major organs and place them in the correct place. After that, we learned more about the different types of food we need for energy and growth. We learned about the different nutrients and minerals found in different foods. To test our knowledge, we had to design special smoothies for JUMP Juice with special dietary requirements. We even made poor Ms. Mahon taste all of the juices to see if they passed the taste test! Next, we looked more closely at a specific organ, the heart. We made models in jars to show how the heart moves the valuable blood around our bodies. Things got a bit messy and very red! Finally, we got our hands on some lamb’s hearts for a closer inspection. We felt how thick the walls of the heart were and examined the veins and arteries closely. We have one lesson left on the human body. Will take a look at how our bones and muscles work and help us with movement. We might even get to make some artificial arms to demonstrate how our muscles work! 

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