The Book Rental Scheme was set up in Scoil Chaitríona Baggot Street by the Board of Management many years ago. Since then, in an effort to assist parents with the cost of each child’s education, our Book Rental Scheme lets parents/guardians rent all required books every year that the child is in our school. Please note that while we call this a Book Rental Scheme, the fees paid also cover many other items, such as learning resources, materials and photocopies.

Due to feedback from staff, the Board of Management and the Parents’ Association, it was decided that a Book Rental Scheme Policy be drawn-up to clarify how our Book Rental Scheme is run. An open meeting was held on May 29th 2015 to give all parents/guardians in our school a chance to give their points of view.

The resulting Policy will be operational from the 2016/2017 school year.


Operation of the Book Rental Scheme Policy


Existing Families


New Entrants


Purchase of Books


Return of Books

Book Rental Scheme Membership

This policy was ratified by the Board of Management on December 9th 2015. It will be reviewed in December 2017.



Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Scoil Chaitríona Baggot Street Book Rental Scheme?

The Scoil Chaitríona Baggot Street Book Rental Scheme means that the school will purchase all textbooks and workbooks for the children, and parents pay a rental charge to the school each year for the use of these books. It also includes access to online textbooks and resources for use in the classroom.


Who owns the books?

The school remains the owner of all books at all times.


What is the cost and when do I have to pay?

The Book Rental Fee is currently €50 per year per child (if you have three or more children, the cost is less). This is a significantly cheaper figure than buying all of the school books that your child will require for the year. The Book Rental Fee will be charged in the month of June prior to the start of the school year in September. This is to allow enough time to purchase all books a resource required for the new school year, and is aimed at spreading costs for parents to avoid the big ‘September Spend’.

Please note that the annual Fee may increase but this Policy will be updated to state any possible changes and the reasons why.


Is there a Rental Deposit?

Yes. There is a once-off €30 deposit payable for each child when they join the school, to ensure the safe return of the books. This deposit will be used to replace and lost/damaged books if necessary. It will carry forward from year to year. If part of the deposit has to be used to replace a lost/damaged book, the deposit must be restored to the full €30 prior to the next year. The deposit will be refunded when your child leaves Scoil Chaitríona Baggot Street.


What are the benefits to having a Book Rental Scheme?

There are many benefits for both parents and pupils; The scheme will greatly reduce the amount of money spent by parents/guardians each year on books.

– Parents do not have to worry about buying books.

– All schoolbooks including workbooks will be provided by the school on the first day of the year.

– As the school is buying in bulk, there will be a significant discount on price.

– All pupils will have access to a much wider range of textbooks, as the school will purchase additional class texts.

– Teachers are not limited to covering all material in one book, but rather are free to choose the best and most appropriate material from a wide range of texts.

– The back to school costs for parents are spread more evenly throughout the year.


Is there a Savings Scheme for parents to help pay the Rental Fee and/or Deposit?

Yes. Parents may opt to join the school Savings Club. The Parents’ Association operate this and collections take place each Friday morning from September onwards


Is the Book Rental Scheme for all pupils?

Yes. Scoil Chaitríona Baggot Street operates the Book Rental Scheme for all pupils in the school. If a child were not to participate in the scheme, then parents/guardians would have to purchase all books that their child will use in class. This would be hugely costly for parents.


Will the school be buying new books each year?

– The school will need to replace sub-standard / damaged books each year with new books.

– The school will purchase additional books annually to provide a wider range of resources for our pupils.


How much is charged if a book is damaged or lost?

A certain amount of acceptable wear and tear is accepted. However, if a book is damaged and deemed unsuitable to remain in the Book Rental Scheme, that book will have to be replaced by the parent/guardian. Furthermore, any lost books will have to be replaced. We will not be able to provide photocopies of the book. Any books that have been lost or damaged must be replaced by the parent within five days.


What happens if I cannot pay the Fee in one go?

If you wish to pay the Fee in instalments, please let us know and we will be glad to accommodate you. However, you must let the principal soon as possible otherwise books/resources/materials may not be ordered for your child so you may not be included in the Book Rental Scheme for the following year and we will not be able to provide photocopies.


What happens if I do not pay the Fee?

If you do not pay the fee by the given date in June, your child will not have any books ordered for September and will have not be given any books/resources/materials on the first day of the new school year. We will not be able to provide photocopies.


What happens if I don’t want to take part in this Scheme?

As we will only ever have enough books/resources/materials for children whose parents/guardians sign up to this Scheme, if you choose not to take part then you will have to buy all of the books/resources/materials your child will need yourself. We are not able to provide photocopies.


What happens if my child leaves a book/books at home/in a friend or family member’s home/afterschool?

If you are taking part in the Scheme, then this will be handled with sensitivity by the teacher – just get the book/books back as soon as possible and we will provide any necessary photocopies. However, if we do not hear from you and if the book or books are still missing after five working days, it will have to be replaced, either from the Deposit or by the parent/Guardian, which ever is applicable.