All teachers in our school accept a duty of care towards the children in our school. Therefore, our Board of Management places a great emphasis on providing the appropriate levels of supervision throughout the school day.

This policy sets out our Board’s approach to the provision of this supervision on a day-to-day basis and how we ensure that all children are cared for in this context.

This policy was drafted based on a typical day in our school and it is based on our Health and Safety Statement, our Code of Behaviour and our Child Protection Policy. Details relating to educational outings, swimming lessons and other such occasions can be found in these above named policies.

Please note that throughout this policy, the term ‘parent’ or ‘parents’ also includes legal guardians and authorised adults. 



  • The school opens (front door and back gate) at 8:50am by a designated teacher.
  • Only previously-authorised children or parents may enter the school building or yard before this time.
  • Any parents who need to leave the yard once the school opens may do so safe in the knowledge that the children are under the supervision of the school.
  • Parents are reminded that our Board of Management takes no responsibility for children left unattended at either entrance to the school before the school opens at 8:50am.


Break Times

  • There are two break times – ‘small break’ is from 10:30am – 10:40am and ‘big break’ is from 12:30pm – 1:00pm. When weather permits, all children go to the yard at this time.
  • One teacher is rostered every break time and he/she is supported by two rostered SNAs, where practicable. This supervision roster is created by the principal before the start of each school year and it is displayed in the staffroom.
  • Any teacher who needs to rearrange his or her rostered yard supervision for any reason other than sick-leave must do so with another teacher in advance.
  • In the instance of sick leave, the principal assumes responsibility for arranging alternative yard supervision.
  • Each class teacher must lead his or her children onto the yard to ensure that the rostered teacher is ready to assume responsibility. Support teachers must do the same.
  • The rostered teacher has responsibility for the children at this time and must not leave the yard unless another teacher is requested to cover.
  • The rostered teacher must ensure that all yard-time activities and procedures as agreed by all members of staff and displayed in the yard area are followed.
  • The rostered teacher must remain in the yard until all children have been collected by their teachers at the appropriate time.


Wet Day’ Break Times

The rostered teacher decides if the weather is suitable for children to go to yard.

If the children must stay inside due to bad weather, the following procedures are to be followed:

  • All children in the middle classrooms remain in their classrooms.
  • Children in classes on the bottom and top floors join classes as assigned at the start of the year under the supervision of their class teacher. These details are displayed in the staffroom before the start of the school year.
  • All SNAs remain in their classrooms and the rostered teacher assumes supervision duty for the middle floor.
  • All doors must be left open along the corridor through all classrooms.
  • All children must remain seated unless given permission to do otherwise by a member of staff.


Teacher and SNA Breaks

  • The principal assumes responsibility for arranging appropriate supervision of each rostered teacher’s classes (if applicable).
  • All rostered teachers and rostered SNAs will avail of the following breaks from the time that all children are collected from the yard by their class teachers:
    • ‘Small break’ – no more than 10 minutes
    • ‘Big break’ – no more than 30 minutes
    • The above break times are the same for teachers and SNAs not rostered for yard duty on any given day.
  • Where applicable, rostered teachers must provide the supervising teacher with schemes of work to be done with the class.



  • 1:35pm: Junior and Senior Infants are collected from their class teachers at the designated points – Junior Infants from the classroom door and Senior Infants from the bottom of the stairs near their classroom.
    • Any Infants going to our After-School childcare service are escorted by a teacher or SNA to the After-School carers.
  • 2:35pm – all children from 1st – 6th class are brought for collection from their designated collection points.
    • Any children from 1st – 6th class going to our After-School childcare service are escorted by a teacher or SNA to the After-School carers.
    • Any children who are previously authorised by parents to leave school unattended are directed to the relevant school exit by the class teacher.
  • All children who have been collected are under the direct supervision of the parent and the Board cannot assume any responsibility for the child from that time.
  • Any parent who has collected an Infant child/children at 1:35pm and who waits for another child/children at 2:35pm must recognise that the school day is not finished and that certain spaces/rooms may be needed for school-wide use.


Early Collections

  • Parents are reminded that any child who leaves school early for any reason is no longer the responsibility of the Board of Management until he or she returns to school.


Late Collections

  • All children must be collected on time every day.
  • The Board of Management recognises that sometimes unforeseen circumstances can lead to a child being collected later than the correct time. Therefore, the school’s duty of care will extend until such a time as the parent arrives.
  • If a parent is late to collect a child, the child will remain with the class teacher. If the class teacher cannot remain with the child, he/she must arrange for alternative supervision.
  • If deemed necessary, the parent will be called by the principal or teacher to inform him/her that the child/children has not been collected.
  • Parents who are repeatedly late to collect their child/children will be formally reminded by the class teacher and/or principal of the correct collection time.
  • Only children who attend either our After-Schools care or our Afternoon Club may remain in the school after the proper collection time.


This policy was ratified by the Board of Management of Scoil Chaitríona Baggot Street on May 18th 2016.