ICT Equipment

We have interactive whiteboards (SMARTBoards), fast WIFI broadband access, tablets and networked laptops in all classroom as well as a dedicated computer room. ICT as a teaching methodology is key in helping children develop curricular skills, concepts and knowledge, research and presentation skills as well as general computer literacy skills.

General teaching and learning resources

A wide range of age- and ability-appropriate teaching resources – these ensure that our children are provided with a hands age- and standard-appropriate experience of ‘learning by doing’.
Lots of tuned and non-tuned musical instruments geared towards delivering the Music curriculum.
A well-stocked arts supplies room
Fun and interesting PE equipment to encourage a love of physical activity, co-operation and teamwork.

Our libraries

The love books form a vital part of the child’s education. As well as our school library, each class has its own library from which children can borrow books. We encourage the use of the local public library in Pearse Street and each class makes frequent visits there throughout the year for different events and activities.

Our school hall with stage

Our “halla” is a great resource to have, especially for teaching PE on Mondays and Fridays when it rains (which is fairly often in this country… :-) ). We also use the school hall for our many school celebrations, such as Prize Giving, the Christmas Fun in School Day and our St. Patrick’s Day Céilí Mór.

Our school garden

We are also fortunate to have a school garden, where the children have the great experience of growing flowers, fruit and vegetables. By collecting all organic waste in the school, we have an abundant supply of compost to keep our garden bright and beautiful! The garden also allows us to teach a key element of the Science and Geography curricula, namely fostering an appreciation and understanding of living things and our natural environment, as well as conservation.

Parents’ room/kitchen facilities

Whether part of Afternoon Club Activities, time-tabled lessons or After-School Childcare, our children get to develop the vital life skills of cooking and baking. This room also serves as an extra space for the children when they are enjoying certain activities which need some room to move.