The children have taken home all the books they will need for the two weeks that they are off. As 5th class can work with far more independence than younger children, they have been advised to use this time for revision, research and exploring their own interests.

Every day the children have the core subjects of English, Maths and Irish. This includes comprehension, spelling, grammar, mental and written Maths and Gaeilge spellings and vocabulary work. Art, SESE, creative writing and physical activity is also included.

  • Independent reading should be done every day along with ‘everyday is active day’.
  • Go Noodle has plenty of active videos for children to follow 
  • Duolingo is a great online resource for learning languages. Sign up for free and the children can practice their Irish. 

There is no set time to start and finish the work but this would look like a typical day:


  • Gratitude reflection:Set yourself up for the day in a positive way.
  • Mental Maths: (about 15 minutes): Revise number facts on or       
  • Dictionary work: pick 5 new words and put them into sentences (20 minutes)
  • Spellings: Look, cover, spell, check write the spellings of the day. Here is your spelling list in case you left it in school.
  • Gaeilge: Ceartlitriú This is an chance for you to revise what we have done since September. Each day, revise spellings and activities for one chapter in the Ceartlitriú homework book. Specifically, revise sentences written and read aloud.  Writing a sentence or two everyday will help you with your language skills. (20-30 minutes).

Have a break and maybe a healthy snack. Get some exercise! More ideas for this below.


Written Maths (30 minutes)

  • Over the course of the next few weeks, you will be doing Multiplication 2, Division 2, Fractions 2 and Fractions, Decimals and Percentages 2. Each day, do 30 minutes starting with Multiplication 2.


Reading Zone (20 minutes)


Break/Healthy Lunch. Don’t forget to do something active!


Current Affairs: Catch up on the news on


  • DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) for 20 minutes
  • Independent writing: choose a topic from minutes)
  • A game of Countdown with someone in the house with you. 
  • SESE: Choose from one of the below topics (45-60 minutes). Write a report based on your research. Yes, penmanship and spelling matters so do your best. One topic may take more than one day.
      • Atlas Hunt Activities (World Geography)
      • SESE worksheets in pack
      • Research country of interest
      • Irish Myths and Legends
      • Georgian Dublin
      • Research a person you admire
      • Famous World Landmarks
      • Unusual animals
      • Project work- Pick a country of your choice (outside of Europe). Some of the headings may include : Physical features (Mountains rivers), political (cities towns), tourism, industry, famous people, other
      • Anything that interests you

Active Break Ideas