First Class Schedule of Work


  • This is a sample daily routine that you can try out at home. This routine is flexible and please feel under no pressure to follow it exactly as outlined – do what best suits you and the children 😊


  • I have created a folder on Google Drive with an additional work pack containing extra Literacy, Maths, SESE and Gaeilge work – here is the link to view this folder. Please note that this work is additional and do not feel any pressure to have the different worksheets fully completed. The purpose of this additional work pack is to have work to keep the children busy should they complete their pack that was sent home with them. If the children find some of the work is too tricky, try their best and move on.


  • To prevent any difficulties with printing the worksheets that are available online, the children can complete the different activities in their homework copies that they have brought home with them. If it is the case that they do not have their copy home with them, they can complete the activities on paper/notebooks/copybooks that they have access to themselves.


  • On a final note, please stay safe and I look forward to seeing you all again when we return 😊


Miss Irwin




  • Tables:Revise the tables that have been assigned – look,cover say. Choose one set of tables to revise per week.
  • Tables champion worksheet:complete one column only per day.
  • Mental Maths Workbook:Complete one column only per day. Begin with week 25.
  • Work pack:select one sheet from the work pack to complete. Please note that these worksheets do not have to be completed.
  • Online maths game –

Break: Snack and exercise.


  • Independent reading:approximately 15 minutes. Once the children have completed their reading, have a discussion about they read and ask them questions about it (who? what? where? when? and why?)
  • Phonics:Revise sounds that have been assigned. Choose one sound to revise per week and help children to read unfamiliar words. Complete the corresponding page in their Jolly Phonics workbook.
  • Spellings:look, cover, say. The children will then write 4 sentences using the spellings they have learned into their copies.
  • Online work pack: choose one worksheet from the work pack online. Please note that these worksheets do not have to be fully completed.

*Busy break*

  • GoNoodle / Joe Wicks 5 minute classroom workouts (the children have really loved these classroom workouts lately and they can be found on YouTube😊)


  • Cúla 4: go online and select a short programme for the children to watch and listen to.
  • Optional: select a worksheet from the online work pack. Please note that these worksheets do not have to be fully completed.

Break: Snack and rest.

SESE: 20 minutes approx.

  • Choose one worksheet from the work pack to complete. Please note that these worksheets do not have to be fully completed.

Independent Writing:20 minutes

  • Write their news / write a short story / book review /report on their favourite animal / shopping list / free writing. These are suggestions that can be chosen by the children and completed over the 2 weeks.

Art activity:20 minutes approx..

  • Pick an activity we’ve posted or anything your child is interested in (St. Patricks Day / Easter themed art, draw something that you have read about today)



Online resources that you may find useful:







  • Mindfulness (SPHE):As this can be a very stressful time, it is important to remember to still be kind to one another and find ways that we can unwind.

The following website provides guided meditation that the children can engage with:



  • Twinkl:as explained on the sheet that was sent home with the children.