There has been a lot in the news lately about children’s online safety. So, to help parents in this area, we are having an Internet Safety talk in our school on Tuesday, February 13th at 9:00 am in 4th class’ room.  

This talk will be given by John Wills, an expert on Internet safety and cyberbullying. John has worked with Barnardos and has given this talk to many parents in schools all around the country. We hope that John will help you have a better understanding of what may be going on in your child’s online life.

As part of our activities for Safer Internet Day 2018, we had a discussion at our Final Friday assembly last week on how to stay safe online. We also did a quick survey to see how many children from 1st – 6th class in our school have access to a WiFi-enabled device.  Here is what we learned:

So, considering how many children are going online regularly, we hope that as many parents as possible will be able to come and hear John speak about this very important topic. His talk will last about one hour. Space will be limited – we have to host this in a classroom as John needs access to an Interactive Whiteboard. If you are definitely able to come along, please drop a text to our Home School Teacher, Claire Rafter, at 085 833 0498. It may be standing-room only…:-)

For more information, please visit – it has lots of practical advice and information for parents of children of all ages.