Gráinne O’Sullivan (4th class teacher) has compiled and assigned 2 weeks worth of work. These are her notes on what should be done and when. 

The children filled in their homework notebooks, Monday – Friday, for the 2 weeks with assigned work for each day (except for the 17th).
They have English comprehension everyday, Maths (tables problems) everyday and Spellings and sentences everyday.
Gaeilge, Artwork, SESE and story writing is included throughout the fortnight with workpacks.
I asked the children to spend some time on twinkl and look up particular subjects, such as:
•Mountains of Ireland
•Lakes of Ireland
•Counties of Ireland
•The Titanic
•John F. Kennedy
•Famous World Landmarks
  • These topics cover some revision and new knowledge that we will be working on when we return.
  • I advise independent reading everyday along with ‘everyday is active day’.
  • Go Noodle has plenty of active videos for children to follow – they know a lot of the routines so get them to show off to people at home while enjoying the activities (parents can get involved too!!)
  • Duolingo is a great online resource for learning languages. Sign up for free and the children can practice their Irish. 
There is no set time to start and finish the work but this would look like a typical day:


BREAK! (15 – 20 minutes)Exercise and snack. The children enjoy watching and discussing News2day on RTE junior.

Late Morning:

  • English: Read at Home comprehension (pages are assigned per day in homework notebooks) (20 minutes).
  • English: Independent reading DEAR – Drop Everything And Read (30 minutes). Discuss reading material with child.
  • Gaeilge: This is an opportunity for the children to revise what we have done since September. Each day, revise spellings and activities for one chapter in the Ceartlitriú homework book. Specifically, revise sentences written and read aloud. Children have their Gaeilge copies with them. Writing a sentence or two everyday would be very beneficial to keep them on top of their language skills (20-30 minutes).

BIG BREAK! (30-40 minutes) Food, Exercise & Rest! Go noodle has a lot of good exercise videos.


  • The children have 3 work packs with SESE, Art, SPHE and Creative Writing activities. I suggest that the children chose whichever activity, or activities, they would like to do and complete one or two each day.
  • To end the day, I suggest another 20-30 minutes independent reading.
  • If they have flown through their work, encourage creative play of their own choosing at home.
  • Spend time on twinkl looking up subjects that interest them, play board games and get plenty of exercise.