Our annual Hallowe’en costume parade this will take place on Friday, October 24th at 1pm in the school hall.

This is a fun and informal event in where all children gather to get the chance to show-off their spooky costumes to the whole school before their well-deserved mid-term break.

If you are free to attend, please come along – even though it’s just a bit of fun for the hard-working children in all classes, sometimes an audience brings out the best in all of us. However, if you can’t, then not to worry – there will be plenty more events during the year.

We will be finished in time for Infant home-time at 1:35pm. Baggo has it on good authority that the staff might even be getting in on the act. Or should that be AAAAAAAAAAAGHCT?! 🙂

(While we encourage as many children as possible to make their own costumes in keeping with our Green Schools efforts of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, this is not in any way compulsory – whatever you have all been planning for October 31st will be great. Furthermore, if you forget to pack the costume on the day, we have lots available to us to dress up children of all ages.)

If you can make it on this day, it will be great to see you. If not, we promise to take plenty of photos.

Yours in Apprehensive Anticipation of Awful Apparitions……..  🙂