63rd Texaco Art Competition Entries

Our classes have been busy preparing their entries for the 63rd Texaco Art Exhibition. Here are some photos of 2nd class preparing their work.         If you’d like a closer look, these paintings are in the lobby area beside the School Secretary’s office. Nice one, boys and girls.

It’s Christmaaaaas!

It’s a busy time of year in our lovely school so here is a guide to what is happening and when… Thursday, 15th December, 9:00 am – 9:30 am – Afternoon Club Christmas Fair: The fabulous girls and boys who are members of our Afternoon Club have been working hard to create decorations and edible […]

Hallowe’en Costume Parade

Wow! What a creative bunch we have! We had a fantastic Hallowe’en Costume Parade today… All classes performed and the quality of home-made costumes was amazing!!! Thank you all to everyone for making this annual event the best one EVER!!!  

Full Attenders, September 2016

What a way to wish the Boys in Blue all the very best on Sunday!   Well done to the boys and girls and their families who came to school every day this month. Tá sibh ar fheabhas! 🙂

National Road Safety Week

Well, there was much excitement this morning in our yard when Gardaí Brónagh, Aiden, David and Brendan arrived from Pearse Street Garda Station to promote National Road Safety Week. (I won’t lie – they put the heart across me when I saw the four of them in the front hall and the squad car parked […]

Sports Day 2016!

The rain stayed away, no-one got sun-burnt and we all had the craic. A great day. 🙂 Thanks to Emer and Scott, two of our fantastic parents, for this brilliant video.

Joyful Juniors in St. Stephen’s Green

Our Joyful Junior Infants went to St. Stephen’s Green to play some co-operative team games. Ms. O’Malley and Ms. Anna thought they deserved a lovely treat for all of their hard work!

Fun on Yard…!

Our Joyful Junior Infants are having a ball at yard time. Proof positive that the box that the toy comes in can sometimes be more fun than the actual toy…:-)

No Uniform Day – May 19th 2016!

Our 6th class children organise a No Uniform Day each year to raise funds for a well-deserving charity of their choosing. This year, they have chosen the LauraLynn Foundations’ hospice for children. The class think that a good suggested minimum contribution of €2 per child will go a long way to help provide care and […]

Spring is here!

Our Admissions Class and Junior Infants are helping to get our garden beautiful after a long Winter. Thank you all and we look forward to enjoying all of your hard work. 🙂